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The Italy we know today is a relatively modern country, but the peoples and cultures who have inhabited this place have left behind an incredible historical legacy. Perparations for a school trip to Italy often hightlight the contrast between northern and southern Italy, but even region to region, the once hostile city states each have a unique character that continues to this day.

Italy is a cultural hotspot for school group tours, allowing students to study anything from the obvious (Roman history or food technology) to the more obscure (religious studies or music). The captial, Rome, is an obvious place to base your group, especially if they are studying the abundant Roman ruins that still dominate the city. But there are plenty of other places to consider. One of the unique aspects of Italy is that no matter what your topic or learning objective, you can base yourself pretty much anywhere and still have plenty to see and learn.

Group travel options to Italy. Too far to travel by coach (unless you are on an incredibly tight budget!), flights to Italy are quick and easy and available from most most regional and national airports.

Popular School Trip Locations in Italy

  • Rome - Italy's capital city was the heart of the Roman empire and filled with incredible ancient ruins
  • Venice - a unique city full of history and incredible food
  • Milan & Lake Como - the industrial and business heart of Italy, and fashionable with it
  • Bay of Naples - Home to Pompeii, the volcano, nearby Sorrento and the incredible Amalfi Coastline
  • Florence - an absolute must for art history and design students

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Italy Inspiring Italy

Inspiring Italy

Italy is a truly inspiring country in so many ways and for so many subjects. Whether it's a tour in Rome, Sorrento or Venice or on beautiful Sicily, there are opportunities for diverse study tours in the north and the south of the country. Enjoy learning under azure skies, enjoy excellent food and a warm welcome whilst visiting historic, cultural and traditional locations. ..

Italy History and Classics in Sicily

History and Classics in Sicily

Sicily is an island at the crossroads of the Mediterranean - for traders and invaders alike. With Phoenecian, Greek, Roman, Arabic and Norman influences there are fantastic opportunities for history and classics students. Awe-inspiring UNESCO heritage sites enable students to enhance their understanding of Greek and Roman civilisations and understand more about their inhabitants daily lives. ..

Italy History and Classics around the Bay of Naples

History and Classics around the Bay of Naples

The Bay of Naples provides the backdrop to our tour that includes visits to the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum, destroyed by the eruption of AD79 - and where they are still making new discoveries! Visits to the Greek Temples at Paestum, the Villa Oplonti, home to one of the wives of Nero and a Flavian amphitheatre all add to the flavour of the history of the Bay of Naples. It is also possible..

Italy Food Technology in Bologna

Food Technology in Bologna

Generally recognised as the gourmet centre of Italy, Bologna is food heaven! Students can wander through the historic streets, enjoy Italian cafe culture and shop at its famed food markets. Combined with visits to see the production of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Prosciutto ham and Balsamic Vinegar together with cookery classes and demonstrations, this destination has it all! ..

Italy Food Technology in Sorrento

Food Technology in Sorrento

Sorrento is the perfect place for a food technology trip! With an enviable climate that makes trips possible throughout the year it offers a picturesque destination to enjoy a wide range of food related visits and plenty of hands-on learning opportunities. ..

Italy Food Technology around Venice

Food Technology around Venice

The Venice region offers a contrast of a beautiful historic city and the tradition of the surrounding countryside with villages and small towns that have not changed in centuries. Groups can delight in taking a ferry to St Mark's Square, enjoy a guided tour of the city and stroll through markets. There are hands-on cooking opportunities to create typical dishes such as pasta, a pizza - your own..

Italy Geography in Sicily

Geography in Sicily

Sicily is a geographers dream! Students can enjoy the geography and geology of this beautiful island with visits including the crater landscapes of Mount Etna, Stromboli, Vulcano and the Lipari Islands, The Alcantara gorge, the coastal resorts and the archaeological remains at Taormina. A warm welcome awaits your group for a trip that will last long in the memory!..

Italy Science and STEM Tour to Bologna

Science and STEM Tour to Bologna

The area around Bologna is a budding engineer's idea of heaven and a dream destination for all petrol-heads! Our tour includes visits to the famous and iconic museums of car and motorbike manufacturers in both Bologna and Maranello. Guided visits and a themed laboratory workshop at Ferrari can bring alive the subject and provide a fascinating insight into the concept, design and company ethos...

Italy Halsbury Travel - School trip to Naples & Sorrento

Halsbury Travel - School trip to Naples & Sorrento

Naples and Sorrento are fantastic locations to inspire many a student, whether they study geography, languages, food technology or classical studies. Naples is full of history, with mysterious alleyways, beautiful churches and underground caverns, while Sorrento is full of vibrant colours, steep cliffs and spectacular views over the Bay of Naples. Both provide students with an excellent way to..

Italy Halsbury Travel - School trip to Rome

Halsbury Travel - School trip to Rome

Rome is a city rich with culture and history, sure to impress students of any subject focus. In particular, a school trip to Rome will suit groups studying art, languages, religious studies or classical studies. Once the ancient capital of an impressive empire, Rome has not lost its monumental sense of beauty or magnificence since the fall of the Roman empire, and much of the ancient city is..