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Costa Rica.

Growth in Spanish as a MFL language has caused a rise in trips to Spain, but the opportunitites for learning Spanish on the South American continent should not be overlooked.

When most of us think of South America, we think of Brazil and its incredible rainforest. Yet just as Brazil has a heck of a lot more than just its mighty Amazon basin, the rest of the South American continent is teeming with study options. Study farming and economics in Argentina in the south, the magnificent historical ruins of Peru and Northern Chile in the west, and the incredible biodiversity of Central American countries like Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

Popular South American school tours include biology and conservation projects, modern foreign languages and and historical tours.

Have a look through the options below for plenty of educational and school expeditions in South America. All the trips we offer are challenging and rewarding learning experiences, promoting educational and personal development for your pupils.

Group travel options to South America. Flights depart daily from London and from many regional airports.

Popular School Trip Locations in South America

  • Costa Rica - lush rain forests and active volcanoes
  • Peru - ancient civilizations like Machu Picchu, and the Andes Mountains
  • Argentina - superb Spanish language immersion programmes
  • Ecuador - environmental diversity highlighted by the Galapagos Islands

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