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Mt Fuji.

This enormous and diverse continent has so much to offer when planning a school group trip. From the lofty peaks of the barren Himalayas Mountains to the lush tropical jungles of Malaysia and Indonesia; the Shinto temples of the Japanese archipelago to the Hindu and Bhuddist temples of Cambodia's Angkor Wat; the floating markets of Vietnam to the major port cities of China's east coast.

For students studying natural sciences, species biodiversity in Asia means an unrivalled concentration of wildlife. For history students, numerous sites bear witness to the many cultural groups who have made their home and carved out their legacy on the Asian continent over the last few thousand years. Geography students are spoilt for choice on a trip to China, with visits to places like the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and bustling Shanghai. Or perhaps you are simply looking for a cultural experience to broaden the horizons of your pupils.

We can help you plan the perfect itinerary no matter what your curriculum focus, with tours and trips for GCSE groups, A level or University students.

Group travel options to Asia. Flights depart daily from London and from many regional airports. Flight times approximately 12 hours.

Popular School Trip Locations in Asia

  • China - Chinese cultural tours to Beijing to see the forbidden city
  • India - explore the diverse Indian sub continent and the Himalayas
  • Japan - Visit the dizzying capital Tokyo, bustling port city Osaka or Royal Kyoto
  • Borneo - your group can help with community projects and the rainforest wildlife

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