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Steeped in history, with cultural influences that span the European, African and Middle Eastern contients, Spain is an increasingly popular destination for school groups.

By far the most common subject when schools enquire about our trips to Spain is langauge, or Modern Foreign Languages in the current curriculum parlance. Learning Spanish is taken to a different level when students are taken to Spain and immersed in the language and culture of the Iberinan Peninsula. Whether you wish to take your students on an immersive language trip, based in a dedicated language school, or simply a cultural trip where they can practice their day to day Spanish, we have plenty of options for you.

To maximise your experience during your school trip to Spain, there are a great number of options to make your time cross-curricular in nature. From the southern towns of Andalucia to the high plains of Madrid, you can experience everything from food technology, art and architecture, history and of course language.

Group travel options to Spain. Although it is possible for school groups to travel to Spain by coach and ferry, by far the most common method is to fly. National and Regional UK airports offer daily routes to various Spainish cities.

Popular School Trip Locations in Spain

  • Madrid - the capital city and wealth of museums and culture for students
  • Barcelona - art & architecture make this city almost without parallel
  • Seville & Andalucia - study among the orange blossom in this sun-drenched region of spain
  • Valencia - the city of art & science on the eastern coast of Spain
  • Bilbao & Northern Spain - visit Biscay and the Basque Country

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Spain Splendid Spain

Splendid Spain

Spain remains a very popular destination for our school groups. With expansive vistas, mountains, coasts and historic cities, there is a destination for everyone. Add the wide ranging cultural experiences that can be enjoyed by students and Spain really delivers! Our tours are all tailored to the needs of the individual group. Our itineraries provide a focus for the tour and combine different..

Spain Language Tours to Spain

Language Tours to Spain

As the popularity of learning Spanish has increased, so it is that there are numerous, varied destinations in Spain that can provide amazing learning experiences for student groups. Whether it is a visit to the capital, Catalunya and Costa Brava, Andalucia or the less busy coast of Calabria, we are sure that student groups will benefit greatly from what they have to offer...

Spain Religious studies in Spain

Religious studies in Spain

The Camino de Santiago is a pilgrims route that developed as a network of paths that extended widely from France and the rest of Spain that converge on the tomb of the Apostle St James at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostella. The history of the Camino de Santiago does back to the 9th century - the year 814, to be precise - when the tomb of St James was discovered, and The Way was defined..

Spain Barcelona and Costa Brava

Barcelona and Costa Brava

The vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Barcelona provides the backdrop for out itineraries, but there are numerous possibilities to combine a city and coastal visit and enjoy the best of both worlds and a host of learning opportunities that will make a stay truly memorable and leave students talking about it long after their return. ..

Spain Study Tours to Madrid

Study Tours to Madrid

A study tour to the Spanish capital will always be varied and exciting! The cosmopolitan, vibrant city of Madrid offers so many learning opportunities for students and with a unique atmosphere that only a capital city brings, it will be a memorable destination for your students. Whether it is for a Language tour, Business Studies, Art or a Cross-curricular trip, students will enjoy visiting..

Spain Food Technology in Spain

Food Technology in Spain

More and more of us have taken a greater interest in baking, and cooking generally, in recent times so why not develop interest and skills by taking your students to Spain? Our tours combine a hands-on approach where your group will go to the market to buy their ingredients and then enjoy cooking their own lunch or dinner under the watchful eye of a professional chef. There will also be..

Spain Business Studies in Spain

Business Studies in Spain

A Business Studies trip to Spain can be a varied and rewarding experience with the opportunity to enjoy guided, behind-the scenes tours of institutions such as the Stock Exchange, Bank, Factory or even a Formula 1 racetrack! The growth of Barcelona can be directly related to the 1992 Olympics and the Universal Forum of Cultures in 2004. Multinational investment has overtaken the declining..

Spain Halsbury Travel - School trip to Barcelona

Halsbury Travel - School trip to Barcelona

Barcelona has so much to offer as a destination for educational school trips! A vibrant, beautiful city full of culture, art, history, food, sun and sea, it won't fail to leave an impression on your students and increase their enthusiasm for their subject. Barcelona is a popular choice for many subject areas, including art, geography, business studies, languages and food technology - whatever..

Spain Halsbury Travel - Madrid

Halsbury Travel - Madrid

What could be more inspiring for your students than a school trip to Madrid? The beauty of the Spanish capital is sure to improve any languages students' enthusiasm for the subject, not to mention expand the imagination of any keen art student. With a wealth of art museums to visit, tasty treats to sample and authentic Spanish culture to soak up, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to..